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SAMS Formally Endorses Two New Pieces of Legislation to Mitigate Future Drugs Shortages, Secure Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

WASHINGTON D.C. — September 12, 2023 — Today, Securing America’s Medicines and Supply (SAMS) formally endorsed two pieces of legislation designed to bolster the U.S. medical supply chain and prevent future shortages of critical medicines.

The RAPID Reserve Act (S. 2510), introduced by Sens. Brown (OH), Peters (MI), and Blackburn (TN), would fight drug shortages by creating reserves of critical medicines and their key ingredients, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

The AMERICAN DRUGS Act (S. 2683), introduced by Sen. Rick Scott (FL) would leverage the buying power of the federal government by requiring federal health programs to purchase American manufactured generic drugs.

“These two pieces of legislation align with policies that SAMS has been advocating for on the Hill and with the Administration for over two years now,” said David Sanders, Executive Director of SAMS. “What we’re seeing is a growing coalition of policymakers who understand the seriousness of ongoing drug shortages and how they link back to institutional supply chain vulnerabilities.”

Separate from these stand-alone pieces of legislation, SAMS continues to advocate for additional measures to shore up American production and reduce the Nation’s reliance on foreign adversaries. “When American cancer patients are unable to get their medicine, we should consider it a national crisis. We need a CHIPS-style bill for the American medical supply chain,” Sanders said.

SAMS looks forward to working with Congressional stakeholders and the Administration to implement these legislative solutions and other relevant policies this calendar year.

About Securing America’s Medicines and Supply

Securing America’s Medicines and Supply (SAMS) is a multi-industry coalition of companies with the mission to strengthen the security of the medical supply chain in the United States. SAMS seeks to drive the implementation of legislation and regulation to reward and foster U.S.-made manufacturing of important pharmaceutical products, devices, and supplies. SAMS supports U.S. patients, domestic healthcare security, and U.S. jobs.